Consumer Survey


8 thoughts on “Consumer Survey

  1. So very happy that you are doing this. I’m so tired of shoe stores acting as if people with big feet don’t need to wear shoes like everyone else. We are not from Mars. I have struggled with not being able to find shoes since the fifth grade. I have learned to love my big feet now that I have grown into them. I have discovered some websites, as well as one store in Brooklyn that carry my size. I must say, I’m a lot happier with my feet. With all of the teasing that I’ve endured, tears I’ve cried, as well as putting up with rude people that have said things about my feet growing up, and even now being a grown women, I wouldn’t trade my feet for the world. My feet represent me; and the master that made me. My love, my savior, my God.

    1. Thanks so much Kesha! We [all] completely understand and share the exact same experiences as you which is one of the reasons this blog means so much to me. I am very humbled and thankful that I can do a small part in helping my community of sisters with big beautiful feet a little more special!

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