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irene stewart

I’m a born and bred Southern California girl with endless dreams ambitions and goals living in New York City! I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, YEARS of experience shopping for size 12 shoes, unique tastes and style, and a love for many things including: caftans, graffiti, greyhounds (the drink), Thai food, house plants, hip-hop and of course SHOES!

I put on my first pair of “heels” at the age of 10–a pair of black suede platforms my mother deemed ‘funky diva’ sandals after the En Vogue album. That same year my father bought me my one and only pair of Riddell sneakers, because he said: “They have a good sole”. Exactly what a girly-girl needs to compliment her outfits on the playground. From then on I’ve maintained a love for juxtaposition in fashion and life–the high and low, masculine and feminine, classic and obscure, pristine and tattered…etc

wildflower bouquet

I have a thing for fresh flowers.

Irene Stewart, FXW12, Size 12 womens shoes, gold strappy sandals,

Abound ‘Lustre-Lea’ gold cracked-leather strappy heels

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Painting by Tim Okumara @ Red Bird NYC

irene stewart

Style meets self sufficiency.

Budhy Brows + Bubbles

Professional Bubble Blower. I burst them gratis.

Other stuff I do…here.