Joan Boyce Rhinestone Mule

fxw12, size 12 womens shoes, size 12, joan boyce, hsn, golden girls cafe

So, you may or may not know, I’m a risk-taker–in food fashion and life. I like to try things in unintended ways and purposes. While I find these size 12 Joan Boyce rhinestone mules to be incredibly fabulous–the cushiony footbeds stole my heart–I have to be honest and say that I know they are for the more senior set. These shoes were not designed for a 30-something to traipse around the city in. No. But, does that stop me from loving them and imagining cute outfits to wear with them? No. Especially not when I’m encouraged to…

Flirt up your frocks, sizzle your skirts and chic out your capris.

I’m mean c’mon. My inner Blanche is screaming “Yasss honey”

$47 / size 12


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