Your Highnezz Caged

FXW12, Irene Stewart, Your Highnezz, size 12 womens shoes, large size shoes, extended sizes, gladiator sandals, size 13 womensshoes, orange sandals, strappy sandals, snake print sandals, big feetYou have no idea just how long I’ve been waiting to post the super sexy ‘Caged’ orange gladiator sandals from Your Highnezz. However, SPRING is HERE! so I can quit holding out on you.

I absolutely love the bold color/ pattern combo and pure sexiness of these booties! But, do you want to know what I love even more?

That they are available up to a women’s size 15 and customizable! So, you can get this very same style in a wedge, chunky heel, flat, or stiletto heel (as pictured); in a heel height up to 6 inches and you can add a platform.





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