Nine West Saxiphone

size 12  womens shoes, extended sizes, size 12 flats, pointy toe flats, Barefoot Tess, Long Tall Sally, FXW12, Irene StewartEntering into a new career that will require a bit more walking, actually a lot more, than I already do as a New Yorker has left me contemplating the purchase of really stylish flats. Sneakers are a no go, and I want shoes that standout far beyond a classic ballet flat. If you’re a style conscious professional woman you’re probably facing the same dilemna–adding to that the hunt for a pair of flats in a women’s size 12 or larger.

Here’s where the aptly named Saxiphone by Nine West comes into play. I love the jazzy details on the gold version which literally has gold sequined-tipsΒ accenting a metallic leopard print with a chic little black bow to tie everything perfectly together.

post_BFT ninewest saxiphone 95 13only 2

Yes, these shoes are only available in a size 13, but that works in favor of those of us who vary in sizes. If you’re on the larger end of a size 12, these will fit you perfectly.

$95 /only available in size 13


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