O’Where O’Where Have I Been?

wearing high heels in new york, heels in nyc,
This is every New York woman after a day of traipsing through the city in heels.

To make a long story short life has happened which is the reason for my absence from my blog, F*ck X’s We’re 12’s.

I arrived in NYC September 3rd, 2013, the start of New York Fashion Week and my new life! Within the span of a year I have learned a lot about myself, New York fashion (remember I’m an LA girl), but most importantly I’ve learned a lot about shoes. These lessons have mostly come through naivety and error.

Far unlike my California days where flip-flops and sandals could be worn at any given time of the year and stilettos didn’t equate to sexy torture devices that you climbed subway stairs, apartment stairs, and walked endless city blocks in; shoes in New York City are an entirely different ball-game. Can anyone from the west coast tell me the importance of “rubberizing” without looking it up? Nope, didn’t think so.

So, while my days of picking out shoes solely based on cuteness are long gone, lucky for you I’m the kind of gal who loves to pawn off all the fabulous things I can’t have (even triple-cream St. Andre cheese) on grateful recipients.

My sleeves are rolled up as usual–actually I’m not wearing sleeves in this cursed NYC humidity– and I’ll be back to bringing you ladies the hottest most stylish large sized shoes I can find!

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