Size Queens: Women’s Size 15 Shoes

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Yes, size does matter, especially when you’re a tall woman with feet bigger than a size 10.

This week I’m dedicating posts to the ladies who wear extra-special hard to find sizes: 13 14 and 15. You are not cursed and confined to a lifetime of clunky hideous shoes. I promise!

Starting with the Size Queens who have very large fashionable shoes to fill— a size 15, here is a selection of shoes for every occasion in fall trend’s like animal print and python, as well as seasonal tones like French Roast Honey-Gold and Rose Smoke.

Row 1: Tess Madrid Flat, $149; Barefoot Tess Bordeaux, $109.   Row 2: Tess Ella Bootie, $142; Puma Maeko XL, $85Row 3: B.F.T. Austria Oxford, $59; Shoes of Prey Custom Shoe, $280.

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