Miss Kitty

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As the saying goes “A leopard cannot change its spots.” Luckily there’s no need to since leopard print is a timeless fashion trend.

Here are six sophisticated large size leopard print shoes for every girl looking to express her inner kitty.

Whether you’re a Classic Cat looking for a flat like Sperry Top-Sider’s Bliss or Β  Β J. Crew’s Janey with a modern touch of gold detailing.

A Femme Feline looking for a bit of sweet sex appeal in the form of J. Renee’s Salsa or something more ferocious like the patent pump by Devious.

Or you’re more of a Hip Cat, in which case the Kitt by Sam Edelman (my favorite) or Uprise by Stuart Weitzman will suit you perfectly.

Row 1: Β Sperry Top-Sider Bliss, $90; J. Crew Janey Calf-Hair Flats, $298. Row 2: J. Renee Salsa, $90 (up to a size 13); Devious Sexy-20 pump, $65. Row 3: Sam Edelman KIT, $175; Stuart Weitzman Uprise, $475.

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