Riding and Moto Boots- The Sweet and Sassy Essential!

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Ride Sally Ride!

Remember that song? Well there were two popular songs that talked about Sally riding, one [of the same name] by Al Green and Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett. Apparently Sally really liked to ride and I’m thinking whatever she was riding in (or on), she probably did it in a fabulous pair of boots!

For us present day Sally’s who ride the train, bikes, cycles, mustangs, and other things- we can always use a great pair of riding and/ or moto boots to do so in style!

If you’re a sweet version of Sally and looking for a gorgeous caramel colored riding boot— which you will see a lot of this season–Aerosole’s Iridescence tan riding boot with gold stud details is an excellent pick. I love the femininity and dressy appeal of this boot; it makes me think of those effortlessly well-put together people in Ralph Lauren ads. And speaking of Ralph Lauren, I’m so certain these boots would compliment anything you own RL or vintage J. Crew (from it’s days of ducks & hunting dog appliqués on colorful corduroys i.e. the 90’s).

On the other hand, if you’re a Sassy Sally (I’m going to start calling people that), who wants your shoes to do the talking for you–the less you say the more hardcore, right? — Then definitely opt for one of the two moto boots from John Fluevog. The Malcolm, a classic style moto ankle boot with distressed leather and side zipper gives the impression that you’ve were born in them. The worn-in slouchiness makes them appear as if they’ve hidden the comfort of Crocs beneath their tough exterior, which is the typical definition of a bad ass’s personality: hard on the outside and soft on the inside. You can also rock a more polished version of the moto boot by wearing the sleek Prince George. Its structured shape with dangerously sharp curves atop of a stacked angled heel will keep your credibility intact in both the fashion world and a biker bar.

Go ahead and play on both sides of the edge with these!

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First to Last: Fitzwell Bit Extra Wide Calf, $199 (available up to size 13); Aerosoles Iridescence Tan Riding Boot, $99; Avenue Madge, $74 (offered in wide sizes up to size 13); Ciao Bella Luton, $169 (available up to size 13); Naya Virtue Moto Ankle Boot, $200; John Fluevog Prince George $389 (available up to mens size 12); Avenue Engine Faux Suede Boot, $68 (offered in wide up to size 13); John Fluevog Malcolm, $299 (available up to size 13).

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