5 Basic Shoe Essentials Every Girl Needs

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Nude Shoe

The shoe that goes with any and everything you own, because…well it literally matches you! Nudes can be worn as casual or dressy depending on the style and your taste in shoes.

For nude shoe options that match every skin tone, click here


Black Pump

size 12 pointy toe pump, size 13 pointy toe pump, size 12 womens shoes, size 13 womens shoes

For work, job interviews, church, dinner dates, formal events, etc… The black pump aka The LBP is the BFF to the LBD, (I know that was a lot of acronyms, but you’re fashionably educated so you get it) it takes you everywhere you need to go that requires you to look “put  together” in a cinch.

ComfortPlus Janine Pointy Toe Pump PAYLESS.COM/ $19.99/ available up to a size 13


Black Boots 

Sometimes the weather requires more coverage than a pump can provide, this is when you pull out your classic black boots. Like the black pump, a nice pair of black boots (especially a simple pointy-toe style like these) can take you anywhere.

Why not try these as your perfect pair of black boots?


Flats and Loafers

Size 12 Ballet Flat, Size 12 womens shoes, red size 12 ballet flat

When all you want is style and serious comfort a simple flat in any basic color (black, navy, nude, red, gold, silver) takes the cake every time!

Bloch Prima Ballerina ZAPPOS.COM / $100/ available up to a size 12


Party Shoe

Size 12 Ankle Bootie, Size 13 Ankle Bootie, Size 14 Ankle Bootie, Size 12 Womens Shoes, Size 13 Womens Shoes, Size 14 Womens Shoes, Size 15 Womens Shoes

Go wild with these! Feel free to get any color textile or print. However for a shoe that you can wear with any of your after-dark clothes pick a pair that matches your jewelry: If you own mostly gold jewelry purchase a fun gold pair, and if silver then purchase silver, etc… Additionally, you can also take cues from your wardrobe. If your party gear is mostly pink buy a shoe in a complimentary color like lime green or electric blue; If blue then go for orange   or red.

Gold Glitter Bootie SHOESOFPREY.COM/ $330/ available up to a size 15

Once you’ve stocked your closet with the “bread and butter” of shoes you can feel free to shoe shop to your hearts content! After all, there’s only a limited supply of really cute large sized shoes that you need to get your hands on pronto.

*Background image above is courtesy of  The Family Kitchen Blog

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