A Rain Boot to Snuggle In!

When the weather gets cold and rainy wrap your tootsies up in the warmth of the Chipahko Blanket by Sorel!

While Uggs are cute and cozy, the Chipahko has long lasting style with its rain (and stain) repellent ethnic woven wool outer perfectly trimmed in camel leather, and support in the form of an actual durable sole. You ladies have to admit, after a day of wearing Uggs your ankles and feet are killing you.

Also notice that the shaft of the boot has adjustable straps, which means those of us with big calves can enjoy the snuggly goodness of the Chipahko as well!

I suggest wearing these with a brightly colored pair of skinny jeans in one of Fall’s hottest colors like Pink Flambe’ and an oversized cable knit sweater and/or with one of those really cute and equally cozy Native American blanket jackets.

$225/ up to size 12


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