An Open Letter to the Shoe Industry…

Dear Shoe Industry,

I’ve been closely following you for the last week (ok, 18 years), and as someone who’s been a part of the fashion world since birth, I think you’re delusional and in need of a makeover. I know others have spoken out about your “growing acknowledgement” of the needs of large size shoe wearers, but I’m finding it hard to see clear results of this. Besides, everyone knows you should not be making claims without completely backing them up, I mean I still can’t even walk into a store to find my size! (what gives!)

In the future, I hope your PR team/ media flunky/ designers/ stats master seriously addresses your outlandish claims and walk a mile in [our] shoes. It’s pretty embarrassing at this point, but there’s always fall 2013 to back up your words.

Best! (Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!)

For the record, Payless does not count as a “Go-to” store for my every shoe needs. Oh, and thank The Cut when you see them!

If you guys have been following all of the ‘Open Letter‘ madness happening among fashion industry notables and giants alike, then you know exactly where my letter stems from. I could not pass up theΒ opportunity (thanks to The Cut’s template & some minor tweaking) and pen my own to our beloved Shoe Industry.



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