(UPDATE) Contest: FXW12 search for Ms. BBF!

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*UPDATE– I will be sweetening the deal for the winners of Ms. BBF! In addition to being featured on the blog I will also by gifting a mini art print or iPhone skin of your choice from the selection of gorgeous shoe prints I highlighted from Society6!

The first winner will be announced October 12th at Noon (PST) so hurry up and enter!

Hey Ladies! I am really excited to launch FXW12’s very first contest in search of Ms. BBF!

Ms. BBF! is fabulous fashionable confident, but most of all proud of her Big Beautiful Feet!

I will personally select 6 awesome women to be interviewed and featured on F*ck X’s We’re 12’s! each month beginning October 1st, 2012- February 28th, 2013.

Enter By:

Leaving a comment on this post telling everyone why you love your big feet

Taking the short FXW12 Consumer Survey


Tweeting this post with the tag #fxw12BBF

It’s that simple!


2 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Contest: FXW12 search for Ms. BBF!

  1. I really hope your survey helps to shed light on this catastrophe. I love shopping with my girls but I get so frustrated with having to only HELP pick out shoes for them because my size isn’t available. And I TOTALLY hate to see little feet women buying ugly shoes, ugh!! I would have put that smaller size to much better use lol. However, I’ve grown to love nine west outlets and will go totally overboard in there. so much to choose from I choose them ALL because its rare.

    I LOVE my size 12’s, they’re one if the sexiest parts of my body. wherever I go for pedicures the attendant will almost always make a comment that my feet are so soft although big. SERIOUSLY!!?? lol anyhow, I pride myself on having a great selection if fashionable shoes to remain inspired and keep my husband smiling. but a little more local help (malls, tjmaxx…) would certainly help maintain my sexy.


    1. Hi Jeany!

      I totally know where you’re coming from with shopping for shoes with people who have smaller feet than yours. Anyone that shops with me is subject to being “forced” to try on all the shoes I love but can’t fit lol As for Nine West, did you know they recently went through a re-branding, which I hope will still include size 12’s and also offer a larger selection in our size?


      Love the hilariousness of your comment. Thanks for the support! Irene

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