Q + A: Big Calves, Big Feet, and Teen Shoe Angst

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For future reference where online can I find Women’s size 12 shoes that aren’t over $35?

Payeless is the easy answer, but I don’t like the easy route. Instead I suggest online retailers like Avenue and Torrid who, not only offer stylish affordable large size women’s shoes, but also give great discounts such as cashback on a certain amount spent and flat percentage discounts.

I also suggest shopping at your local Nordstrom Rack, where you can always find at least one or two pairs of women’s size 12 and women’s size 13 shoes for under $35.

Ok so I have really big feet. I can’t find any nice shoes for women that actually fit me! I have to wear men’s or really ugly granny shoes. Also it would if they were CHEAP! Even places that sell large 10 or 10-1/12 would help. 

I would normally look past the sisters with size 10 feet, because every time I walk in a store that seems to be the section with all the cute shoes that my feet are just 2 sizes too big for. However, since you threw the “1/2” in there I’ll respond. =)

I get the granny shoe thing when shopping for larger sized womens shoes. As comfy as they may be, I don’t know any woman eager to wear granny shoes, not even Grannies. I suggest you browse through any of the post I’ve featured on FXW12. I’ve written post for just about every woman or need you can think of:

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As for being cheap, I suggest referencing my answer above, but also cheap can be relative. For me, cheap is $50 and under. Anything that cost more than that has to be versatile, of good quality/ a workhorse, and hands down really hot!

How can I get cool [teen] shoes when I have big feet? I wear a size 11 or 12 in women’s and have a very hard time finding shoes I like. I tried going to journeys.com because they have the type of shoes I like but no such luck. Am I doomed to wear granny sneakers forever?

Fret not chica! You are certainly not doomed to wearing granny sneakers. I was once a teen, not so long ago, dealing with this same issue. However my Dad seemed to think men’s tennis shoes from Big 5 were the perfect shoe for a teen girl, luckily my Mom stepped in and saved me from that madness. Lol Anyhow, Zappos Dr. Marten’s Solestruck (which is probably out of your affordability range without the help of your parents) and Nike all offer similar shoes to what you’ll find at Journey’s.

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I also suggest getting creative. In this age of DIY, you can grab a glue gun, fabric marker, rhinestones & studs and create your own one-of-a-kind pair of kicks! Checkout Pinterest for ideas!

What kind of shoes look good with big calves?

First, never wear boots that are mid-calf with bare legs, they will make your calves look humongous. You can, however, wear them with leggings and a cute pair of socks, which tricks the eye.

Ankle boots are also perfect, because they elongate the leg, but I suggest going a step further and wearing a pair with a wider opening, doing so gives the impression of a more slender leg.

Everyday footwear like nude pumps are great for big calves as well because they also help to elongate the appearance of the leg.

Shoes with skinny ankle straps are fine, avoid thick ankle straps which add bulk to your calves.

Lastly, try to always wear a shoe with a heel, even a slight incline elongates the leg making your calves appear slimmer.  Notice how your leg slims down when you stand on your tip toes as opposed to standing flat.

Do you have more questions about shopping for large sized women’s shoes or even suggestions? Drop a line below in the comments box or email me here

*Background image above is of KnottyGnomeCrafts

4 thoughts on “Q + A: Big Calves, Big Feet, and Teen Shoe Angst

  1. what kind of sneaker looks good on bigger calves I mean mine arent huge or anything but they dont match the rest of my body… I am tall and slender until it comes down to my calves they are too big for the rest of my body! plz help I need a pair for school!!

  2. Hey LaLa!

    As I mentioned above, I highly suggest you go for ankle height shoes! Classics like Converse All Stars and Jack Purcell’s are always great. Or you should go for a pair of really cute sporty sneakers like the ones I featured in “Chicks Heart Kicks” (click the Cool Sneakers link above). Most often sporty sneakers are very flattering, even a high-top style, because they show the ankle and draw the eye directly towards the shoe–especially if you choose a colorful pair!

    I have larger calves as well, and I love my Nike Airmax 1’s, which I now find myself in every weekend.

    Let me know if you need help deciding on a specific pair. I’m always here to help!

    Love your Big Calves!

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