Sidebar>> Social Media Week LA- ReCAP!

Hot Hot Haute, #SMWLA #SMWhothothaute #SMWFashionLA #SMW12

My afternoon at the Social Media Week LA’s ‘Hot Hot Haute’ and ‘Socially Charged Fashion: How Social + Mobile Are Building Brands From the Bottom Up’ lectures was a whirlwind of great insight from a well dressed personable panel made up of a YouTube Beauty Guru, Style Bloggers, Creative Directors, the Kardashian’s VP of Brand and Business Development, and several more influential notable’s.

If you joined in, mainly via Twitter, you were witness to tons of great chatter and advice coming straight from the mouths (and brains) of the fashionable attendees and panelists.

Here are quotes that really resonated with me from two of my favorite panelists:

Nikki Phillippi, YouTube Beauty Guru

“Be you to the extreme!”

Allison Beal, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Stylesaint-

“You have to be able to add VALUE not just provide inspiration.”

“You have to be multifaceted.”

“Amplification of what you’re doing and establishing TRUST and personal connection is key.”


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