Contest: FXW12 search for Ms. BBF!

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Hey ladies! I am really excited to launch FXW12’s very first contest in search of Ms. BBF!

Ms. BBF! is fabulous fashionable confident, but most of all proud of her Big Beautiful Feet!

I will personally select 6 awesome women to be interviewed and featured on F*ck X’s We’re 12’s! each month beginning October 1st, 2012- February 28th, 2013.

Enter By:

Leaving a comment on this post telling everyone why you love your big feet

Taking the short FXW12 Consumer Survey


Tweeting this post with the tag #fxw12BBF

It’s that simple!


9 thoughts on “Contest: FXW12 search for Ms. BBF!

    1. I’m 6 feet tall and wear a size 12 shoe. I’ve always said that if I were this tall and had small feet, I’d tip over! I love my big feet because they’ve taken me everywhere I’ve ever needed to go and I’m excited to see where they will lead me next:)

    2. Thank you so much for the support Jamila! I feel really humbled thankful and inspired that I can do a small parting in helping our community of sisters with big beautiful feet feel a little more special! Through the support and feedback from my readers, like you, I am super motivated to keep going!

  1. I love my big feet because they allow me to rock the runway! I am 6′ tall as well and a size 11 and it was difficult to find shoes my size but with a little savvy digging I have found a few sites where I can get affordable shoes and I use them when I do modeling and I get to show them off :-)…

  2. I am constantly searching for “High Fashion” shoes in my size! “Shoes” are my “passion” and I have a closet full of them and looking for more! Nichol Lynn Wootan

    1. That’s awesome Nichole! I hope you discover a few pairs on the blog that are closet worthy =)

      Do tell, what are your favorite places/ brands to shop?

      I’m certain us fashionable ladies want to know! Plus I can add them to my Brands/ Retailers list.

      1. My favorite dancing shoe is “Cole Haan” or “Stuart Weitzman” because of the cushion built in sole! I shop Nordstrom Rack regularly, And Catherine Grace helps me with my search! I sure wish I could get up to 8th Ave, NY for that is where the “shoe” capitals is! Nichol

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