Sourcing Large Sized Womens Shoes

pink shovel

Photo Source: Cliffwix

I’ve been digging around the internet trying to find new shoe designers, brands and stores that offer cute fashionable stylish size 12 women’s shoes in colors other than black blue brown silver and gold. Hello!!! We love color and our big beautiful feet! We have no desire to constantly wear neutrals.

I’ve been on Instagram asking and encouraging (read: bugging) shoe designers to offer size 12 women’s shoes. New shoe company Hendrick Brun was one of my victims, they responded: “@fxw12 in the works” So keep an eye out for them. I’ve also been on Facebook and checking out shoe designers mentioned in other blogger’s posts here on WordPress. Sadly, I’ve found very few golden nuggets. It’s pretty darn sparse in the large sized shoe market.

I feel what needs to happen to bring about change and more options for us is:

  • Fashion Schools need to offer degree programs in Shoe Design
  • Women with large sized feet must voice their opinions needs and desires to shoe companies.
  • Large sized shoe bloggers, like myself, need to continue highlighting designers, brands and stores that offer large size women’s shoes and effectively bring them to your attention through various social media outlets. (I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and various blogging communities)
  • Women with large sized feet should take notes from women like Asjha Jones and Lucia Lucka Klansek, and take the bull by the horns by designing our own damn shoes.

Which one of these options can you do? Be a part of change ladies!


3 thoughts on “Sourcing Large Sized Womens Shoes

  1. I vote you design your own damn shoes because I’ve seen your style and drawings and I know you would have the shoe game turned all the way up!!

  2. You know, I was thinking that as I wrote that lol I’ve actually sketched a few designs. And, I did say I would love to use this blog as a launch point for me to design shoes, so it could happen.

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