The Damned/ Prism Stud

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The Prism Stud’s are equal parts sweet and bad ass like me! I’ve been eyeing these for the past week and while I’m not a tennis shoe kinda girl (I own a pair of Jack Purcell’s Nike Airmax and Ascics running shoes. Β Nothing fashionable there), I would hands down rock these!

I’m thinking a pair of worn rugged faded black skinny jeans, a loose racer-back tank top and lots of spiked studded leather and metal arm jewelry would pair well with these.You gotta rock your hair kind of messy and wear the blackest shades you can find to get the full “I’m hot and fashionable. Don’t f*ck with me” kind of look. Yeah…that’s for sure!

$229.95/ they come in men’s sizes so ladies who wear a 13 and 14 can grab a pair too!


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