Today is a full week since the launch of F*ck X’s We’re 12’s! I wanted to take the time and make mention of a few things…

First, I am ever so enthusiastically grateful for being well received by every person who has viewed this blog, subscribed, liked a post, shared a a link, followed me on Twitter, and given me praise. You guys give me major encouragement and confidence that I’m on the right track!

I also want to thank my fellow Black Nerds Network members on Facebook for helping me out in times of coding crisis. Apparently, I am not as nerdy as I thought, just stubborn enough to think I can code–I like to think coding is a foreign language I’m trying to learn.

With the continued growth and success of FXW12, I would like to start seeing feedback in the form of comments. Speak your minds, I want know what you have to say. Really! I do!

I would also love if you guys could help me figure out a way to better reach women with large sized feet. I don’t think most of you who are regularly viewing this blog, wear anything near a size 12 women’s shoe. (I could be wrong, but that’s why comments are important, so I know who’s who).

It’s important for me to reach my target audience, because they have a serious need, and I am able to fulfill it.

Women with big feet want fashionable shoes. I know where to find them. It’s that simple.ย 

So everyone, I just want to reiterate my sincere thanks and ask that you keep F*ck X’s We’re 12’s! in mind the next time you come across a lady with big feet.

I promise you, she and I will be ever so grateful!

Irene, Creator ofย F*ck X’s We’re 12’s!

Direct mentions: Sarah Hilman, Emerald Johnson, Dedra Berry, Barbara Murray, Chelsea Black, Mekesia Brown, Adrienne Anderson, N’jaila Rhee, Ree Jackson, Sharon Johnson Miller, jsleigh14, Leanne Cole, Cristian Mihai, Photo shopping, FarisSuleiman, toinlessons, Mia S., ronaldblackphotographylesleycarter, brulionman, raul ojeda, balogun, lechehelsinki, kleseky, LLXLLQ, Azalea Boutique, Curvy Girl, House of Minerva, Adrianna Papell, Thoughts from Paris, Nori Cain, Clemence Farsy, CamMi Pham, Shopjeen.com


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  1. So proud!! You are always in tune with what the people want and this is just another true example of your natural talent at work. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. F*uck X’s (Im actually a 10/11 LOL) We’re 12’s!!!

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