Big Shoes x Stylish Teens Part 2: Shopping Tips for Parents

A few reminders and suggestions to help shopping for bigger shoes with your daughter a more pleasant experience!

Don’t think what you find fashionable, she finds fashionable. Pick up books and browse fashion sites like TeenVogue  Seventeen and to stay abreast on the lastest shoe trends for her age group.

Ask her what she likes. Her opinion matters. Don’t be a tyrant and force her to wear shoes she doesn’t want to.

Be Sympathetic. Don’t ever take the frustration of finding shoes in her special size out on her.

Celebrate her BBF! Take her for pedi’s and compliment her BBF!And while affectionate/ pet names are cute, please don’t use them in public.

Be prepared to spend. Big shoes will cost you, but make sure to teach her how to properly take care of your investments. (See my post on the Best Shoe Repair Shops) Also, spend more on classic styles, and make her work (i.e. do chores & what not) to pay for the more expensive trendy shoes; that way you teach her early on the value of money and her shopping habits.


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