Jeremy Scott Psychedelic x Adidas

Ok, everyone older than 18 is certainly going to hate these. Maybe a few of you wont, but for the most part you’re probably wondering What the f*ck is she thinking?

Let me break it down for you…

Upon first glance, these are super trippy dippy I’ve dropped-some whatever and designed Jerry Garcia tribute shoes. (After all, they are called ‘Psychedelic‘) But, if you stop and think about it–let it marinate for a second–these are kinda funky in a good way. They actually remind me of a trend I started in 10th grade- wearing plush little Disney character heads on my sneakers.

The much younger teenage set are certainly going to dig these, but since I know you guys can’t afford the $219.95 for them, you better grab a Beenie Baby and some fabric markers and get to work. They still make Beenie Babies, right?


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