FXW12 Consumer Survey

I wasn’t bs’ing when I said my sleeves are rolled up and I love a challenge. During the conception phase of FXW12, I formed a business plan and did serious R+D (Research and Development). One of the bits, more so huge pieces,  of information I was in search of was statistics on women’s shoe sizes. I wanted to know just how many women in the US, preferably world wide, wore larger sized shoes (sizes 11-15).

I contacted Fashion Business Inc. aka the FBI, here in Los Angeles after my personal search led me no where. While they are thee people to go to for this type of information, they unfortunately weren’t able to provide me with any. So, I said ‘screw this’ I’ll create my own survey to get the exact information I want to know.

Once I’ve gathered enough data, which realistically I believe will take at least 2 years–depending on how quickly I can spread my survey, I plan to generate a report that will not only help me to have a better understanding of the needs of women with larger shoe sizes, but also footwear designers. It’s better to have tangible evidence to make a case rather than heresy.

So ladies, I sincerely appreciate you allowing me to nerd out for a bit, and I certainly appreciate you taking the FXW12 Consumer Survey and passing it on. It takes less than a minute to do.

Grazie! Muchas Gracias! Thank you!


The survey can be found in the header bar above.


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