Strippers + Grannies + Homemakers- Oh My!

Sourcing shoes for this blog is going to be serious work, but not work that I’m unfamiliar with. Remember, I have 18 years of experience shopping for fashionable size 12 shoes; Β I’ve never donned anything less than cute on my feet.

However, the large sized women’s shoe market needs a good kick in the ass with a pair of BBF! Why is it that shoes offered in larger sizes on popular online shopping sites and in brick & mortar stores, most often fit into one of these categories:

Stripper Shoes

Apparently women with size 12 and larger feet wear 5″ plus stripper shoes, more than we do normal shoe styles. While I respect a ladies right to “make dat money”, I’m certain most of us are not swinging on poles for a living. Not to mention, how many short strippers with with big feet do you know? Do large feet women really need 5-7 in heels?

Granny Shoes

I guess your ears aren’t the only part of your body that continues to grow as you age. Lucky for me (but barely) I wear a size 12, but sizes larger than a 12 are plagued with Granny shoes.

Susie Homemaker Shoes

Those flat “exciting” brown shoes in nubuck and leather with “stylish” embroidery detailing and lug soles. A huge resounding, NO!

You know you’ve witnessed this madness in your own personal quest for shoes. Luckily, I’m 110% committed to introducing you to new large sized shoe designers and bringing you only the hottest most stylish shoes I can find.


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