Takera Milan x Asjha Jones

Would you guess by looking at these shoes that they were designed by a basketball player? Would you also guess that these shoes go up to a size 15!? Yeah, neither would I. Milan in Tortora from the Takera shoe line, designed by WNBA All-Star Asjha Jones, is all kinds of classy sexy “I’m a lady, but watchout!”.

If you’re looking to make a serious statement in the office, out to dinner, or add some attitude to a flirty Summer dress, these are the shoes for you. I would pair them with a tight black pencil skirt and blush colored low cut drapey silk blouse to create the perfect date outfit.

$179/ Size 10-15/ Offered in Black

Read more about Asjha Jones’ drive behind creating her shoe line here. Like all of us, she has a shoe fetish that was left unfulfilled by the void in the large shoe market. Glad to know she’s taking the problem by the balls and slam dunking it!

Asjha wearing Milan in Black.

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