Putting My Fashionable Foot Fwd + JULY 28TH


I’ll be launching F*ck X’s We’re 12’s! July 28th, 2012!

FXW12 (the X is the Roman numeral for 10) will feature  affordable HOT+STYLISH larger sized women’s shoes.

I proudly rock a size 11/12 (sometimes a 13 if it’s a really pointy toed shoe) and felt the need to shed light on the latest most fashionable shoes I could find for women with BBF (*Big Beautiful Feet). I created the blog out of my own need and desire to have a one stop source for options in hot fashionable footwear in a size 12. It’s quite time consuming and frustrating searching through endless websites hoping to find affordable cute shoes in larger sizes. While I primarily shop at retailers like Zappos and Nordstroms, I deserve to have a plethora of options to choose from like any other self-respecting fashion conscious girl and so do you!

In addition to bringing you fashionable footwear worthy of your what…say it with me ladies: Big Beautiful Feet!, I will also be blogging about related topics such as: trends, How-To’s, Best of, beauty, and market news. I also plan to bring you show coverage from footwear trade shows like Transit.

You can read more about me here and keep checking back to see the development of FXW12 before the official launch date JULY 28TH, 2012.

Lastly, if you would be so FABulous, please forward the link on to any FASHIONISTA you know with BBF!

Grazie! Muchas Gracias! Merci! THANK YOU!

Irene, Creator of F*ck X’s We’re 12’s!

*I’m coining the new acronym for BBF, a cousin to BBW and other BB_ that  I’m sure are not on topic for this post! Twitter followers #fxw12BBF


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